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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Brand Positioning Blueprint Bootcamp

    • A message from Kristin

    • How to use this course

    • Pre-Bootcamp Questionnaire (if you haven't already completed it)

  • 2



    • Week 1: DISCOVER Live Webinar

    • Week 1 Webinar Slides_DISCOVER.pdf

    • Success Checklist

    • Your Business Idea in 10 Words or Less

    • Idea Mind Map (D1)

    • Target Audience Profile (D2)

    • Target Audience Persona (D3)

    • Target Audience Research Options (D4)

    • Research Option

    • Target Audience Invite List (D5)

    • Target Audience Research Invitation: 1to1 Interview (D6)

    • Target Audience Interview Script (D7)

    • Target Audience Research Invitation: Focus Group (D8)

    • Target Audience Focus Group Discussion Guide (D9)

    • Target Audience Research Invitation: Survey (D10)

    • Target Audience Survey Options (D11)

    • Target Audience Survey Design Guide (D12)

    • Target Audience Survey Design Questionnaire Example (D13)

    • Are you finished with your interviews, focus group or survey? CLICK HERE

    • Target Audience Research Summary (D14)

    • Positioning Statement: Target Audience

    • WEEK 1: DISCOVER Live Webinar Replay

  • 3


    • Week 2: ASSESS Live Webinar

    • Week 2 Webinar Slides_ASSESS.pdf

    • Week 2 Success Checklist

    • Competitive Audit (A1)

    • Competitive Assessment (A2)

    • Distribution and Pricing (A3)

    • Positioning Statement: Points of Parity

    • Week 2 Webinar Replay: ASSESS

  • 4


    • PRE-WEBINAR PRINT OUT: Customer Segments (Po1)

    • PRE-WEBINAR PRINT OUT: Problem Desires and Solutions (Po2)

    • Week 3 Webinar Slides_POSITION.pdf

    • The secret to great positioning...

    • Week 3 Success Checklist

    • Solutions (Po3)

    • Points of Parity and Points of Differentiation (Po4)

    • Positioning Statement (Po5)

    • Week 3 Webinar Replay: POSITION

  • 5


    • PRE-WEBINAR PRINT OUT: Reasons to Believe (Pr1)

    • PRE-WEBINAR PRINT OUT: SUNNY Concept Idea Template (Pr2)

    • Week 4 Success Checklist

    • Reasons to Believe Examples (Pr1a)

    • SUNNY Concept Examples (Pr2a)

    • Simple Non-Disclosure Agreement (Pr3)

    • Non Disclosure Agreement Template (Pr4)

    • Target Audience Invite List (D5)

    • Positioning Statement and SUNNY Concept Idea (Pr5)

    • Week 4 Webinar Slides_PROVE.pdf

    • ***Please email or upload your Positioning Statement and SUNNY Concept Idea from lesson Pr5 prior to the next Bootcamp***

    • Week 4 Webinar Slides_PROVE

    • Week 4 Webinar Replay: PROVE

  • 6


    • Week 5 Webinar Slides_EXPERIENCE.pdf

    • Week 5 Webinar Replay: EXPERIENCE

    • Listen to the Focus Group Replay

    • Week 5 Success Checklist

    • Target Audience Research Invitation: Focus Group (D8)

    • Target Audience Research Invitation: Survey (D10)

    • Target Audience Survey Options (D11)

    • Concept Validation Focus Group Discussion Guide (E5)

    • SUNNY Concept Validation Survey Design (E6)

    • Are you finished with your SUNNY Concept validation research? CLICK HERE

    • Brand Names (E1)

    • Brand Colors (E2)

    • Brand Character (E3)

    • Brand Pyramid (E4)

    • EXPERIENCE Webinar Replay

  • 7


    • Brand Positioning Blueprint_Ready Set Launch Business Tools

    • READY Webinar Replay

Transform your business idea in 60 days or less

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This course will be taught by

Kristin Harper

Kristin Harper transforms insights into results. She’s known for build brands and helping people accelerate their careers. Kristin is founder and CEO of Driven to Succeed, LLC, which provides market research, brand strategy consulting, keynotes and training on leadership and emotional intelligence for Fortune 500 companies and leading brands. An award-winning businesswoman, Kristin rose through the ranks to become a Global Vice President of a Fortune 15 company in her 30s. She has led iconic global brands including Crest®, Oral-B®, and Hershey’s KISSES®, and helped dozens of people get promoted and realize more personal and professional success.


  • 1. How often are the group coaching calls?

    The groups coaching calls are weekly. Each call will last approximately 90 minutes.

  • 2. What happens during the coaching calls?

    Kristin will teach you concepts and share frameworks, with examples, to help you transform your business idea into a consumer qualified concept in 60 days or less. This will prepare you to complete the assignments after the call. A chat feature is available during the webinars to interact with Kristin, ask questions and respond to polls. In addition, time will also be allocated during the calls to answer questions and provide personalized coaching Kristin will also provide expert feedback on your completed assignments, when they are submitted on time. We believe that “in the multitude of counselors, there is safety.” Participating in the Group Coaching Program with a community of high achievers is sure to inspire new ideas and fresh thinking.

  • 3. Will the coaching calls be recorded?

    Yes, the coaching calls will be recorded and available for replay up to 6 weeks after the Cohort ends.

  • 4. Do I need computer access during the coaching calls?

    While it’s not mandatory, you will get the most benefit from the calls by seeing and hearing the content. The webinars will be accessible through computer and smart phones. You may want to use a headset or place the phone on speaker so you can access the visual aids on screen and take notes. Videoconferencing is available but not mandatory during the calls.

  • 5. How long will it take to complete weekly assignments between coaching calls?

    In general, most assignments should take roughly 60-90 minutes to complete.

  • 6. Are my ideas protected?

    Yes. Every participant in the Brand Positioning Blueprint™ Bootcamp signs a non-disclosure form that prohibits them from directly or indirectly disclosing, publishing, or using for the benefit of themselves or any third party, any information, whether written or oral, and in any form or on any media, any information relating to another Bootcamp participants’ business which is either directly or indirectly disclosed to, or otherwise, acquired in connection with the Brand Positioning Blueprint™ Bootcamp. These terms of Agreement shall remain confidential at all times during and after the Bootcamp. In other words, no participant has permission to share any information about another entrepreneurs’ business with anyone, for any reason.

  • 7. Can I get individual coaching instead of group coaching?

    Great question! Yes, you can sign up for the optional Brand Positioning Bootcamp™ Accelerator. During this one-on-one call, you will receive expert individualized attention fast-track your brand strategy. This is best for clients who have a good sense of their target audience, key pain points and a vision for their product or service. You can also hire Kristin for a la carte coaching in 30-, 45- or 60-minute increments. Her hourly rate is $250. Please email to set up time.

  • 8. Do you offer refunds?

    We’ve held nothing back in creating this program for you. We want your business to thrive, so we’re giving you all the tools and support you need to build a compelling brand. We want you to experience the amazing results possible in this Boot- camp, so once the program materials have been sent out, there are no refunds. We have created this policy so that we are both accountable for your success. Commitment starts the moment you sign up, and we’re here to support you every step of the way! If you have any questions, we want to make sure to answer them before you sign up. Please email questions to so we can make sure this is a good fit for you.